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Friday is the LAST day to register for p

What is this course?

This is an introduction to the self publishing process. You will learn the steps needed to get started in your journey to becoming a self published author. 

Who is this for?

This course is for anyone who is curious about what it means to be a self published author. Anyone who is ready and serious about getting their story published. It's for YOU!

Why this course?

Unlike a lot of courses out there this content is direct & accurate. You will get real tips on writing & real resources for publishing. Instructor is relatable & breaks content down to basic terms.

When should I enroll?

You should enroll before, during, or after writing your book. You should enroll now and  stop waiting for the perfect time!

The time is NOW!

Ready to Take this Course?

Are you ready to start your writing jour

After taking course perhaps you need for guidance or want to ask more specific questions. No problem, book a 1 hour strategy session to make sure you are on the right road. 

Perhaps you are ready to move forward with your project but you need a little bit more accountability. I offer 1-on-1 coaching to offer you a more hands on approach and walk you through the process. Coaching includes connecting to additional resources, assignments, accountability sessions, and strategy sessions.

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