Who is Pametria Dominise?




Born and raised in Memphis, Tn, I have always had a passion for educating and empowering others. I began my social work career in 2007 working with youth in foster care at the Department of Children's Services. I was able to obtain experience in conflict resolution, mediation, and the child welfare system. I continued to expand my skills by becoming a Licensed Master Social Work in 2009.


As I pushed myself further in my professional career, I also started my own entertainment company in 2011, RBG Productions. RBG worked to celebrate the beauty of African American culture and produced unique quality shows that elevated and promoted natural hair; while creating a lane to empower black women and children through scholarships, books, coaching, apparel and confidence building.


By 2015, I was a full time mental health therapist and worked with children and adults in the areas of: domestic violence, relationship counseling, parenting, dual diagnosis, depression, drug addiction and more. Although I was always passionate about working with my clients, I didn't agree with the bureaucracy that often times comes with agencies. So I created " Loving My Mirror", my highly acclaimed self esteem workshop for teen girls and I have continued to host my own wellness workshops that allowed me to normalize mental health in the African American community. 


Although I wear  many hats as a 2x published author, community leader,  mental health therapist, and event host, my primary role has always been to empower others. So today I introduce myself as Pametria Dominise, the Empowerment Expert. 

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