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10 Healing Gift Ideas for Grief

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

On the 12th day of Christmas, 2020 gave to me a bunch of BULL S*&T and a partridge in a pear tree!

Seriously between the election, the furloughs, virtual learning, and an entire pandemic, this year has been one for the books! It has completely changed how we interact with our families and loved ones. But the most difficult part of this year has been the constant loss of life.

2020 has been the most tragic year I have witnessed in my lifetime. I have offered condolences to so many people I have lost count. While there is never a good time to lose a loved one, this year those losses seem to have an extra sting due to all of the astronomical stressors we experienced as a nation.

But here we are facing another quarantined holiday season and now more than ever we want to spread joy to our loved ones. Between financial hardships, seasonal depression, social distancing, and grief there is a large number of individuals who are not looking forward to this holiday season at all. So what do we get our loved ones who are not in the spirt this year?

To keep the memory of a deceased loved one alive engraved holiday gifts are a great idea. They are subtle ways to include them in the holiday.

1.Beautiful handmade wooden ornaments from the BrooksHouse Company

2. Keep them close to your heart with a beautiful engraved necklace from The Signature Collection or Arianna's Closet

Another idea would be to give more motivational or encouraging gifts to your grieving loved ones. Something that they can reflect back on whenever they are feeling down.

3. When you can't find the words on your own grab an inspirational greeting card from CRWND by KDS.

4. Pocket Change Gems offers these unique keepsakes to keep your loved one motivated with these encouraging gems throughout the day.

Spiritual and holistic gifts are also great ideas this season because those are

5. Goodbye Yesterday is a great read to strengthen your faith during these trying times.

6. For those who are less religious and more spiritual, crystals, teas, and tinctures can be beneficial. Check out Ancestral Wellness Co and Bea's Wellness Teas

7. If your loved one is ready to process their loss and start their healing journey, a journal is a great idea. Black HerStory is a guided healing journal from The Empowerment Expert

And sometimes the best gifts are the non traditional gifts that do not come wrapped in boxes but are heavy on the love

8. This holiday season is going to be stressful so give your loved one something that helps them to relax. A gift card for some self care. Perhaps a massage, facial, or quick getaway. Peace of mind is ESSENTIAL.

9. A really thoughtful and out the box gift would be to make a donation to the favorite charity of the deceased person. If they don't have one you can make a donation in their name to a charity of your choice or one that is meaningful to your loved one.

10. Finally the most important gift you can give your loved one this holiday season is actually the least expensive. Space! Give them the space to heal and celebrate as they see fit. Being a support to your grieving loved one is key. If they want to cry, allow them that space. If they want to go eat corn dogs, go eat corn dogs. This is a difficult time and we must remove our own selfishness and allow our loved one to move through their grieving process. Be there for them and help them find moments of joy! Tis the Season.

Be sure to follow @PametriaDominise on IG for more tips on mental health and self care. Black Therapists Matter earrings available here and custom frames available from Cultured Lenses

If you or your loved one are experiencing suicidal thoughts please call a crisis intervention line. National Suicide Prevention Line 18---273-8255

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