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Did Somebody Say Destiny's Child?

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Soooooo for those of you who are new here, welcome! Our mission is to normalize mental health in the African American community and one of the ways we do that is by shining light on dope ass Black therapist around the country. We do a live IG chat with them; a written blog interview and they get the chance to become a brand affiliate and earn some coins!!! We choose a new therapist every month well maybe every other month, don’t judge us cause we on CP time. Any who are yall ready to meet the dope therapist for April? Of course, you are, so let's started!

Introducing Ms. Destinee Ball, LCSW

Black Therapist in California opens private practice. Mental health in Black community gets addressed.

She's Dope AF!

And her friends and family made sure we knew that, lol! They blew up our notifications from the time we announced the contest until the doors closed. Their enthusiasm made us excited to learn more about her. During our live chat with her Destinee impressed us with her story of perseverance and intentionality.

Check out our live IG chat here

Black card revoked Oooooh let’s see. Well, it could be that I am from Southern California but I am not a big fan of soul food I am from Southern California so I totally prefer a Mexican dish any day. Oh yeah, did I mention I don’t like watermelon either. I don’t like watermelon either.I don’t like watermelon either. don’t like watermelon either.don’t like watermelon either.on’t like watermelon either.n’t like watermelon either.’t like watermelon either.t like watermelon either. like watermelon watermelon either.ike watermelon watermelon either.e watermelon either. watermelon either.watermelon either.atermelon either.termelon either.ermelon either.rmelon either.melon either.elon either.lon either.on either.n either. to learn even more. So we haam from Southern California sformal discussion about her journey now let's get into it!

Black social workers address stigmas in mental health. Millennial therapists are here.

Hey girl heeeey! So tell me what actually led you to become a mental health professional?

I have always been eager to help others in any way I could. As a preteen, I became aware of family and peers struggling with intense sadness which caused them to self-harm. At the time, I did not know the meaning of self-harm or how to help my fellow family and peers. My curiosity of how I could possibly help led me to my professional path in becoming an LCSW. I have a BS degree in Psychology and Child Advocacy and a Masters degree in Social Work with emphasis in Children & Families.

Seems like you were able to recognize the importance of mental health treatment at an early age. We strongly believe that Black therapist have a responsibility to help break the stigmas surrounding mental health. What message do you want to send to the Black community about mental health?

Simply, reach out for help! We normalize trauma so much due to societal “norms” in the Black community. We have been told we have to “stay strong” but why? No, release that pain in healthier ways to avoid a cycle of trauma. There is help available, you are not alone.

Absolutely, I wish we could scream this loudly for everyone to hear! Now as therapists we always advocate and encourage others to work through trauma and feel those feelings, but do you practice what you preach?

After losing my mother in 2017, I had to take a step back from the position I was working so that I would not feel triggered. Taking that step back helped me to regroup and heal so that when I returned, I could be even better for my clients. Now I am able to use my own trauma to aid others who have experienced grief. Regardless of the age I encourage my clients to release those emotions and cry when they need to, yell and even curse at me if that's what they need.

I think that is so important for clinicians to be self aware, to prevent causing harm to any clients or triggering ourselves. So kudos to you for that! Having suffered such a major loss and doing emotionally heavy work, self care component is extremely important. What does that look like for you.

Self-care looks different for me during the week versus the weekend. I personally believe in multiple streams of self -care. During the week after work, I like to have about 30 minutes to myself of silence just relaxing at home with my puppy or going to the gym. The weekends I enjoy either traveling, attending my little cousin's sports games, and Brunch on Sundays. My crew and I love to find a beach and let our hair down.

Black women need self care. Strong Black women myth.

Ok, we see you like to have fun with the " MerMer crew" and we are here for brunches and weekend shenanigans, lol!!! Balance is so important in our field and you seem to have found that. As a Social Worker and therapist there are so many career options, so what would you say is your dream job as a therapist?

Honestly, I am currently living my dream jobs, yes plural! I applied to my job 16 times before I was finally hired. Working as a therapist at Kaiser Permanente has been a long -time dream of mine. So, I kept applying until it became a reality. Now my second dream was to open my own private practice. I have now done that with Redescover Your Destiny AND have even started my own brand! My dream therapist job is ALIVE and currently in action. I am gratefully enjoying the moment at hand.

So you are being a little humble but I'm going to hype you up real quick. Sis, you went to a conference in March got inspired and literally opened up your private practice less than 30 days later. Created the name, registered the business, opened the practice and created the apparel line like it was nothing, I call that a Big Stepper!!! I love the play on words with your name and the fact that you are paying homage to your mother while building your own legacy.

Mental health therapy. Black people need therapy too. Therapists in California.

Check out her website because she is accepting new clients and has dope merchandise.

Now my last question is super important and we need you to keep it real with the people. Tell us something that might get your Black card revoked.

Black card revoked Oooooh let’s see. Well, it could be that I am not a big fan of soul food, lol! I am from Southern California, so I totally prefer a Mexican dish any day. Oh yeah, and did I mention I don’t like watermelon either.

Chiiiiiiile not Mexican food over soul food, SECURITY!!!!!!

So what did we learn here today folks? Basically, we should be intentional, balanced, and avoid soul food like @dessybaby, lol!!! Seriously, we want to thank her for sharing her light, she is an inspiration and making her mother proud and keeping her legacy alive.

Sonya Lee, raised a phenomenal woman who is truly fulfilling her mother's destiny.

Destinee Ball, you are a DOPE BLACK THERAPIST!

Black therapists. Anxiety Journals now available. Trauma journals and affirmation cards on sale now.

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