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Bad Bishes Need Therapy Too!

Meg Thee Stallion
Baddies go to therapy too

" Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Bad Bishes have bad days too. Friday, Saturday, Sunday bounce back like a bad Bish do" -Meg Thee Stallion

Meg dropped these lyrics on her latest single Anxiety where she reflects on how her celebrity status, physical appearance, or good knees have not allowed her the privilege to escape mental health struggles. In the past she has used her music to release her emotions surrounding grief, anxiety, depression, and betrayal but now she has created a soundtrack for an even larger platform to spread awareness.

Well, the H-Town Hottie with the bionic knees has created a mental health hub packed with resources, POC & LGBTQIA directories plus multiple crisis hotlines. With this new website she is helping to normalize mental health treatment in the Black community and letting ya'll know Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too

I love the name of the website, the vulnerability, and the message that it sends about mental health treatment. Meg isn't the only baddie using her platform to elevate mental health for her audience. Taraji P. Henson, created a mental health foundation and talk show to honor her father, Boris C. Henson Foundation.

These two ladies have created great tools for resources, but we want to make sure that everyone from the Hot Girls, Church Girls to the City Boys have access to multiple mental health resources so we've compiled a quick little list for ya!

So if you or a loved one are in a crisis you can call 988! This is the National Suicide & Crisis Line that is available 24 hours.

But if you aren't able to make a phone call, you can simply send a text to 741741. This is a 24/7 access to a crisis counselor.

Now if you are not in crisis but looking for a mental health provider check out these directories:

Now whichever directory you use, make sure that you take your time and shop for the therapist that is a good fit for you. And if you don't know how to shop for a therapist, download our free worksheet to guide you through the process.

Shop our website for mental health resources and books!

Be sure to share these resources because you never know who it could help!

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