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Errrbody ain't been to Wakanda

Hello? Can you hear me way over there? I bring you greetings and salutations deep from the land of Quarantineville. Just wanted to stop by for a few moments to introduce you guys to our new dope therapist of the month. No worries, we’ll be sure to keep the mandatory six to 10 feet of social distancing. Now since you responsible adults are at home anyway, you might as well do some reading.

So for those of you who are new here, welcome! Our mission is to normalize mental health in the African American community and one of the ways we do that is by shining light on dope ass black therapist around the country. We choose a new therapist every month well maybe every other month, don’t judge us cause we on CP time. Any who are yall ready to meet the the dope therapist for March/April ? Of course you are!

La'Conya Patrice Manuel, LMFT


She's Dope AF!

So clearly we see that she is beautiful but let’s learn a little more about her work. La'Conya is a fully licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over fourteen years of experience in the field. She considers herself as a catalyst for change and emphasizes her client’s individual strengths to build self-esteem and encourage them to make their own decisions through processing and problem solving. She also has a podcast, Sisters with a Voice, that she hosts with her sister.

We love to see it! Now let’s get in her business a little bit. We asked her a few questions Grab a cup!

So what actually led you to become a mental health professional?

I have always had an interest in becoming a therapist. In 7th grade, I joined the Peer Mediators program and did that until I graduated from high school. I’ve always been told that I’m easy to talk to.

Now as therapists we always advocate for self-care but do you practice what you preach?

I actually love self care and practice it quite often. I do yoga 2-3x a week and get monthly massages through a spa membership. I also enjoy singing, painting, poetry and lounging on the beach.

Have you actually been to a therapist yourself?

No, technically, I have never been to a therapist and paid for it. But I definitely consider my graduate school peer, Mrs. BaDonna Mitchell, LMFT, as my therapist.

So you out here getting free therapy huh, lol! If you could send a message to the Black community what would it be?

I want the black community to know that you can pray and still go to therapy. Therapy is work and therapy is faith in action through behavioral and mental change.

What would be your dream job as a therapist?

My dream therapist job would definitely be to work on a television show as a subject matter expert.

That would be dope! Now last question, tell us something that might get your black card revoked.

LOL, my black card could get revoked because I don’t eat watermelon and I’ve never seen Black Panther.

So what did we learn here today folks, apparently not everyone has been to beautiful Kingdom of Wakanda and La’Conya Patrice Manuel, is a DOPE BLACK THERAPIST! P.S. she is single with no kids, so shoot yo shot!

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