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Therapy for the Therapist

Now why in the world would a therapist need a therapist? I mean, how can you help me if you need help yourself?


Well, the truth is therapist are humans and don't get a cheat code in life. We experience trauma, betrayal, and life just like everyone else. Some would even go so far and argue that you can't be a great therapist if you have never experienced therapy for yourself. And contrary to popular belief you can't be your own therapist. Nope not even you, lol! Which is something we discussed with our Dope Therapist of the Month, Channell Hill, LCSW.

This month our social media search landed us in Houston with our girl Chanell! She is the owner and lead therapist of Teen & Co Wellness. She joined Wine Down Wednesday on Instagram for a one-on-one chat to shed some light on her journey as a therapist, the responsibility to the Black community, and the connection between religion and therapy.

During our interview Chanell explained that her road to becoming a therapist started by addressing her own struggles with anxiety and depression. Although she was not raised in an environment that prioritized therapy, like many Black families, she was encouraged to pray through all of her struggles. She stated, "in the 90’s mental health simply wasn’t a topic in Black families like it’s becoming now. There was a stigma, which is why it is now one of my passions to break the silence and help bring the topic to the light so we can take care of our families and be intentional about their emotional and mental health needs."

Chanell now openly discusses how therapy changed her life personally and professionally. Although she never intended to become a therapist, doing her own healing led her to opening her own private practice, Teen & Co Wellness where she works primarily with Urban adolescents. She was so inspired that she has made it her mission to focus on helping other teens navigate their emotions by becoming the therapist she did not have access to as a child.

Her message to the Black community is that you do not have to choose between religion and therapy, both are tools that can guide you on your healing journey. God+ Therapy has not only become her motto but her apparel brand that promotes mental wellness and helps break the stigma of treatment in Our communities.

When asked about the obstacles that come with being a Black therapist, Chanell discussed her experiences with teens. She explained, "fighting against the negative powers of social media and the influence over our youth is a non-stop battle." She went on to elaborate about other obstacles working with Black teens. "The lack of resources and accountability in our schools sometimes weighs on my own mental health and fatigue fighting this good fight. That's why I prioritize my own therapy sessions every 2 weeks, it's essential." We love to see a therapist who prioritizes her own mental health and self-care.

Now she did tell us that she doesn't eat soul food including potato salad and dressing BUT because she is so dope we decided to let her keep her Black card this time!

Be sure to follow her business on Instagram for more information about the amazing work she is doing at @Teenandcowellness. And if you are in Illinois, North Carolina or Texas be sure to schedule a FREE consultation because she is accepting new clients.

Written by Pametria Dominise

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